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• Sep 12, 2018 - 14:28

I have a partition in old .ove format (I think it's Overture 4) that I would like to import into MuseScore and work on it. But when I opened it, MuseScore 2.3.2 simply crashes. There is no error message so I'm not sure what's wrong. Is there any log file?

I then thought about converting it to MusicXML. I have tried Ove2Xmly but when MuseScore tried to open the XML file, it keeps on saying problem or corruption. The Ove2Xmly I tried is Ove2Xmly-2.2.0-win-JUCE.

Anybody has any idea what options are left for me?

The .ove file is in attachment.


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I have successfully converted your score to MSCZ format which you can open and edit in MuseScore 2.3.2. It is missing a pedal marking that was in the original OVE file, and it contains corrections to two measures (31 and 50) that were corrupted upon import. I have attached the .mscz file to this post.

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Yes, I went back to that issue after I posted my message here in the forum the other day.

Thanks for the file. I opened it and it seems good. So, all the pedal marks are lost in the file you converted?

Actually, when I wrote "I have a partition", it was an understatement. In reality, I have more than one Overture file :) It was very kind of you to do the conversion for me. But I cannot abuse your kindness for all the other files. :) So I still think this forum discussion is still needed because if the bug comes from MuseScore (if I understood it correctly, that's the case), I would need alternatives to convert Overture files.

So, the cause of the crash were the pedal marks?

While I was away from this forum, I continued my search and I found Overture ver 5 in evaluation -- I'm not sure what "evaluation" is supposed to mean. I used it to convert my ove file to version 5 -- it seemed to work. Then I exported the score to MusicXML and then opened it in MuseScore -- no crash except some other errors.

I don't know if this Overture 4 --> Overture 5 --> MusicXML --> MuseScore is reliable. What do you think?

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I seem to remember there only being one pedal marking in the OVE score, but it is possible that I was mistaken. For the purpose of loading your file, I disabled the bit of code that adds the imported pedal markings to the score. So yes, all pedal markings in the original score would have been lost. And the cause of the crash was in what MuseScore was doing when it encountered pedal markings in the OVE file.

I can give no better advice than what you are already doing, which is to open your scores with the latest version of Overture, and use that to export MusicXML which can be loaded into MuseScore. If this produces sub-optimal results, you can load your scores into Overture, remove all pedal markings, and then save as OVE files which can then be loaded into MuseScore. Then, if you still have problems, you can share your scores here and I can take a look. And don't worry about abusing my kindness. I am only too happy to help.

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I tried to open the same Overture files in MuseScore version 3 but unfortunately MuseScoe still crashed. More specifically, I tested in MuseScore 3.0.5 Microsoft Store app and v. 3.0.4 and 3.1.0 native app.

I managed to find a new version of Overture (version 5) but the format it saves is .ovex and MuseScore is unable to open. So this is pretty a dead-end...

So, a better solution would be that MuseScore ignores pedal markings?

Let me write back here in order to close this discussion correctly.

I have tried ver 3.3.0 installed with MSI installer and ver 3.3.4 from Microsoft Store. Both are working OK with this .ove file. No more crashing.


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