Importing old .ove file makes MuseScore crash

• Sep 11, 2018 - 19:37
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I have an old .ove file that I would like to import into MuseScore and work on it. But when I opened it, MuseScore simply crashes. There is no error message so I'm not sure what's wrong.

Is there any log file?

I would like to upload the .ove file but your webpage doesn't allow it.



I think there is something wrong with the code for importing pedal markings from .ove files. I have not yet been able to correct the code, but I was able to modify it so that I could open your score. MuseScore informed me that measures 31 and 50 had the wrong number of beats, so I fixed them for you.

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OK, thanks!

I realized that the ove contained some Chinese characters. Are they also the cause of the crash?

I managed to find an old Overture 4 program. I then opened the ove file inside it and removed all Chinese characters that I found. I saved it to a new file which I opened in MuseScore but it still crashed.

Do you want the new ove file without Chinese characters to have a try?

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See for the patch that prevents the crash.
The .ove file discussed in this issue contains some "pedal down" marking but no corresponding "pedal up" one, I am not sure whether it is a correct situation for .ove files so it would be good if someone more familiar with .ove format could help with handling such cases.

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I'm no expert in music notation, but given that, as mattmcclinch pointed out, there were some measures having wrong number of beats in the file I uploaded, I think I can safely suppose that Overture does not check the validity of its data and would allow anything even totally wrong being put inside the file.

In other words, IMO, having incomplete pedal marks in .ove files might be "normal" situation, but it's certainly not correct according to musical notation standard.

That being said, MuseScore should not crash. I mean, MuseScore is able to deal with incomplete measures, it should be programmed to deal with all other anomalies. It would be nice for it to show a dialog to user telling him that some errors were found: what they are and why they are not imported.

If it's not possible to prevent it to crash, it would at least be nice if it can "dump a log file" before dying :)

I have tested ver 3.3.0 and 3.4.1 with MSI installer, and 3.3.4 from Microsoft Store, and I can confirm that MuseScore no longer crashes.

Thanks :)

As a result, this bug is resolved. Please close it.

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