Can't correct voices in Audiveris scanned score

• Sep 22, 2018 - 16:29
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I needed a hymn in a different key, so I scanned it with the on-line Audiveris. Then I converted the score to the needed key (D to C). Both the original score (in D) and the resulting score (in C) has notes assigned to weird voices, with the result that there are extra rests shown and some note values are wrong. This is true particularly in the first measure of a system. Trying to change all notes to Voice 1 or change individual notes to voice 1 doesn't work. The tutorial for changing note voice hasn't helped.
Please explain how to accomplish this.

This may have been sent before in July .AbbotsLeighinC.mscz, .AbbotsLeighinC.mscz, , but I was called out of the country and couldn't follow up. Apologies if this has been answered already. If so, please direct me to the earlier discussion.

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And actually, better to ask for help on the Support forum, not here in the issue tracker, which is for confirmed bug reports.

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Sorry about that. I grabbed the wrong file. Here is the actual file.
I see that I should move this to the Support Forum. I see it is already there, so I've re-activated it.
Thanks for the feedback so far.

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Which notes or rests specifically are you having trouble with?

FWIW, this is the Issue Tracker, not the Support forum. You are correct, though, that the Support forum is the better place to ask for help :-)

Looking at the first measure: The half G and lower staff E & G are voice 1. The middle C is voice 2. On the second beat the F & D are in voice 2 and the A is voice 1. On the third beat the B & E are now in voice 3 and the G, F eighth notes are in voice 4. This results in two visible eighth rests and hidden eighth and quarter rests. To clean up the score I should be able to move all notes to voice 1 throughout. But thus far I've been unable to do so.

I've tried to move the discussion but don't see how to do so. The Category currently says Support.

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To move it to the forum you would need to start a new thread there. Move it to the forum is not a literal request, but rather a request to put it in the forum where people look for help.

The problem with Audiveris is that it does some unusual things when it runs into multple voices or tuplets in a score it thinks it can handle. If you click in an empty spot in measure 1 (to select the entire measure), you will see which notes are on which staff, because only the notes on the selected staff will be colored. You will see the B-E chord on beat 3 is actually in voice 3 on the second staff. In cases like this, you will need to fix the measure manually by deleting what doesn't belong and putting it where it does belong. The alternative is to live with it.

A problem with moving everything to voice 1 is that you will never get a half note and two quarter notes on the same beat in one staff. Voices are required for this in MuseScore. (See

Audiveris is still quite experimental and you should always expect these anomalies to occur when you use it.

Thanks Mike,
I knew that Audiveris is very experimental and was glad it worked even to that degree. I am very happy living with it as is. I just was hoping there was something simple that I missed in the tutorials that would allow me to move individual notes to different voices. I thought if I could move just the melody to a single voice, it might make it easier. Thanks again.

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You can move individual notes to other boxes - if there is room. The other voice has to be empty for those beats, or have rests, or notes of the same time position and duration. Otherwise it's is simply not possible. You can't have two different rhythms at once in the same voice - that's the whole point of multiple voices.