Ignore multiple staves in selection when adding system text

• Sep 26, 2018 - 10:37
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Several staffs are selected and a rehearsal Mark is inserted from Textpalette with doubleclick.
Results is one rehearsal mark being inserted for each staff. All are placed above the upper staff.

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Title you will get reharsal marks on each separate part when you edit Ignore multiple staves in selection when adding system text
Severity S4 - Minor S5 - Suggestion

I agree, not a bug. Rehearsal marks are system text and you should select only a single element when attaching them, unless you 8want* multiple copies.

That said, we could probably save some headache if we simply ignored staves in a selection other than the first when adding system text.

Have a look at the attached score.
It may be behaviour 'as designed', but I would not say it is good design.
And not what a user might expect to happen.

BTW if parts are created, all the rehearsal mark are included in all parts.

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So, what is the summary of the discussion and current state of MuseScore 3 Beta? I cannot get the idea of the report.

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In a post beta update, I get the same results. I selected measures in 3 staves and got 3 rehearsal marks. This makes no sense. If one or measures are selected the user obviously does not want several rehearsal marks but only one at the beginning of a measure.

If you use shortcuts in the same situations, you get errors because you have too many notes selected. This result should be the same using shortcuts and the palette. And yes, the results were the same in version 2, but this doesn't make it right.

Priority P2 - Medium P3 - Low

To summarize rehearsal marks are system text, like tempo or repeats. If you select a single element on a staff other than the top and try to apply system text by double-clicking in the palette, it actually gets attached to the top staff - this is normal and correct. If you make a selection that includes multiple staves - or even multiples notes on a single staff - MuseScore does what it usually does and tries to attach the marking to everything. That means you get multiple copies.

In other words, MuueScore is doing exactly what you asked it to, but the request is for a "do what I mean, not what I say" mode where MuseScore would ignore selections that don't make sense. For example, this is what happens if you select the measure shown across both staves and double-click the "Rehearsal mark" element:


In this particular case, probably the "what I mean" is to get just one. In other words, we should ignore the user request to add the marks to the bottom staff if the top staff is also selected. And, probably, also ignore multiple notes selected in the same measure.

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A rule saying "Do not apply more than one element, of the same type, at the same tick, in the same transaction", might do the trick.

We have other issues though. In the attached score there are three System Texts at the same position, which were inserted at the same time. If you check the Sytem Text Properties, you will see that I have made 3 different settings for teh Swing values. That cannot be intended behaviour.

How did you add them, though? I couldn't get system texts to add with swing settings enabled at all. If somehow that happened without you're deliberately and asking for it, please open a new issue for that. If you're just saying you shouldn't have been "allowed" to do that, I think that's going way too far. We can't make guns that automatically prevent shooting yourself in the foot if you are determined to do so.