Moving notes to a different beat quickly

• Oct 18, 2018 - 06:00

So, a feature that eludes me is whether or not you can quickly move a note from one beat to the next.
Let's say you want to shift a note over an eighth note or even let's say a group of multiple notes two beats.
Is there a way to quickly do this (keyboard shortcut or otherwise? Without retyping the entire measure? the moment I'm having to just re-enter the whole measure the long way around. This of course slows down the workflow.


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Hey Jojo, in Musescore 4, copying a note does not copy any of the things attached to it, such as dynamics, lyrics, fermatas.

Being able to quickly nudge a note over one beat would be a major time saver if you're playing around with pacing in a measure. Changing duration and moving things to off-beats can take a while if you have to copy and paste one note at a time to shift things over.

OS: Windows 10 Version 2009 or later, Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit): 4.1.1-232071203, revision: e4d1ddf

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I'm trying to understand what nudging a note over means. What happens to the notes after the note you want to nudge? Is it just for that measure? Does one note fix anything? I would think it faster to just re-enter what you want. Unless you don't know what you want. In which case, moving anything might not save any time.

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" Changing duration and moving things to off-beats can take a while if you have to copy and paste one note at a time to shift things over."
You are right. Copy and paste is excellent for large sections, or at least one measure, but it's a pain to change the rhythm several times within a measure. Despite the obvious cut-and-paste formula, it all depends on where you want to do it. It may be necessary to create a rest (to obtain two eighth notes instead of a quarter note, and paste on the second eighth rest).
This is extra work (you're no longer copying and pasting, but editing rests to be able to copy and paste where you want...) I defy a beginner or someone with little experience of the program to understand this immediately. There have been a multitude of posts concerning this lack of understanding. After all, you may want to try out several ideas (as part of a composition, for example). A plugin does just that.
See: (compatibility for V3, not V4 yet)

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Right now if you click a note, and. hit 'delete' it deletes a note. Not always the one I expect. Still learning.

But for shifting, what I think I'd like, would be

  • Select duration value.
  • Click to select first note.
  • Shift click to select 2nd note
  • Control click on any additional staves.
  • Screen highlights to show all notes affected.
  • left and right arrows move them DURATION in that direction, either gobbling up or adding rests.
  • up or down arrows move the selection up or down by half steps.

I'd also like 3 ways to paste:

  • Insert -- move everything right to make room for the paste.
  • replace -- it starts where you click and runs a bulldozer over everything already there.
  • augment -- add pasted notes to what is already there.

Internally it may be necessary to do this in whole measures.

A form of 'paste special' would be to copy paste the rhythm pattern.

While in note input mode, you can move the current note past notes using shift+arrows. There are limits to this however, you cannot move a note to the last note entered before a rest or move the last note before a rest. This is mostly convenient when you have entered two notes in the wrong order but you can move notes farther if needed.

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