Unexpected cornamuse embellishment pitches

• Oct 21, 2018 - 18:26
Reported version
S4 - Minor

Version 2.3.2 and current 3.0 dev. /Windows 7/10

1) New score for cornamuse
2) Enter a few notes, or load this test file: cornamuse.mscz
3) Select the first note G, and in the Embellishments palette, double-click on the A.

Expected: an A
Current result: a G
And so on, wrong/unexpected grace notes are entered with other notes.



As I recall, there has been some confusion on this topic in previous discussions because bagpipes are (sometimes?) treated as transposing instruments, but in an unusual way. I'm extremely fuzzy on this, but the bottom line, I think, is that we need to be careful and check with bagpipe notation experts on this.

Cornamuse (like used in that sample score) is not a bagpipe. Bagpipe transposes a major second, cornamuse does not, and that seems where the difference comes from.

Title Unexpected bagpipe embellishment pitches Unexpected cornamuse embellishment pitches

Ah, indeed, it's very confusing.
When switching "Cornemuse" (Wiki in French) https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cornemuse, in English Wiki, you get "Bagpipes"

A test file: Cornamuse, Bagpipe.mscz
Nevertheless, there is an issue with "Cornamuse" (Cornemuse in French), as described above, and it appears on March 17.
Hence a title change.

As already said, with the 2.0.2, and a score for Cornamuse, you get the expected result.
Not with the 2.0.3 (since March 17, 2016).

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Ok, so the confusion:
In English program, there is in Woodwinds: 1) Cornamuse and 2) last one, of Woodwinds (all instruments): Bagpipe
But in French program, there is no difference in translation between the first one (Cornemuse) and the second one (Cornemuse, the celtic instrument)
corne1.jpg vs. corne.jpg

No :)
Translation adds to the confusion, but the essential problem is the same. Before March 16th, the Cornamuse/ Cornemuse (Renaissance instrument, non-transposing) was ok, and the Bagpipe /Cornemuse (celtic instrument, transposing) was wrong. And now, it's the opposite!

And bagpipe embellishments don't make any sense when applied to a cornamuse, so there is no bug, none in the bagpipe embellishments at least.