Joined to get 30 day free trial - but want to cancel

• Nov 5, 2018 - 16:50

I joined and used my paypal a couple of days again thinking it was a free 30 day trial. However they took the money right away and I want to cancel and get my money returned?


Similar thing happened to me. I just posted a thread on it today. I contacted them through the and through their email but have yet to get any response.

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Sharing from March 2020:
I've been met with the same issue for the 30-day trial, getting charged on my credit card charged in advance.
Have reached out to Muse Score and they have offered to refund 30%, claiming I had signed up without trial (which was why I had reached out to clarify).

Have written back to make it crystal clear I had signed up via the 30-day trial page, let's see what they say.

Will update on what happens, but it has been quite worrying.

Be careful, friends!

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