Images attached to rests not imported from MuseScore 2

• Nov 13, 2018 - 09:41
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Images added to a score in v2 (like swing_marking_8ths.svg or swing_marking_16ths.svg) are not showing up when opening the score in v3alpha.



Status active needs info

Works for me, in latest development builds at least. Please try with that and if you can still reproduce attach a sample score showing the issue

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Reproducibility Always Randomly
Status needs info active

Anyway, with that score I can reproduce, not with one of mine though

Regression Yes No
Reproducibility Randomly Always
Status active needs info

I tend to disagree with 'randomly'. It happens with all my scores with the swing marking images. But I understand why you changed it.

As drag&drop from Finder and my loaded palette don't work (filed cases about them), I tried re-adding by copy paste from a score opened in v2. After save and quit&restart (or reload) in v3alpha, the image is still there. Must be something on import.

because a) it looked like our posts crossed (you also changed Regression and Status) and b) doesn't happen for my scores, so doesn't reproduce reliably

Regression No Yes
Reproducibility Always Randomly
Status needs info active

and did it again. It is a regression (vs. 2.x) and currently, with your sample score, don't need more infos.

Sorry, but I've just entered text and hit 'Save'. No idea how I changed it without touching it. (No joke!) I've just restarted my browser now...
Thanks for listening and helping!

I've got two more observations about images in v3alpha2:
1) Copy in v2, paste in v3alpha2 works for one swing marking image but not for the other.
2) I cannot move the pasted swing marking image with mouse/trackpad in v3alpha2 the way I can in v2.
Shall I create new, separate cases?

yes, some formats (or rather their extensions) are not allowed here. SVG is though, ZIP is too ;-)
And for videos you could use animated gifs

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My understanding of the bottom line here: at least for this particular, the image is not being imported. Not sure if we understand any more than that? Still, that seems serious enough to warrant "critical" priority - people actually use images for lots of things.

Priority P0 - Critical P1 - High

The problem is that images could not be copied from version 2 to version 3, not like "images don't work in version 3".

Title images in v2 documents not shown in v3alpha Images attached to rests not imported from MuseScore 2

Right, import from MuseScore 2 only. A quick test suggests that images in frames come through fine, as do images images attached to notes. Images attached to rests seem to be the ones lost.

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