Easy fingering input mode

• Nov 13, 2018 - 12:29
  • Drag and drop method for adding fingering is currently uncomfortable;
  • Selecting a note and double clicking on the symbol is too much 'click-dependent'.
    Then, it would not be possible to extend to the fingering, to move from one note to another, the use of the right/left arrows (as you do for notes), the space bar (as you do for the lyrics) or the Tab key (as you do for Chords symbols)?


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Dear Jojo-Schmitz,
I am a little bit puzzled here because I cannot figure out what kind of change in the fingering method has been introduced. Has it changed? Can I still keep the "old method" of fingering?
This, because I am not finding any problems or inconvenience in the way it is implemented now.
All the best,

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Nothing has changed. The old method is the current method. This thread is about a request for an easier method. The current method works fine if you are just adding a few here and there, but imagine adding a fingering to every note, like one might with lyrics. In that case it would be easier to type a fingering, hit Space to move to the next note, type a fingering, hit Space, etc - no need to constantly click and move the mouse around. But even if that ever gets implemented, I can't imagine the current method ever going way.

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The request is for a method of entering fingerings that does not require you to select a note, double click the palette, select a note, double click the palette... but rather a method similar to entering lyrics. Enter your notes, then enter a not-yet-implemented fingering input method where you will be able to select a starting note and press numbers (or letters) to enter fingerings. You can press return to put multiple fingerings on a chord or press the spacebar to move to the next note.

A method like as this has been discussed often in these forums, but I don't think anyone has ever made an official feature request (now called a suggestion) in the past. Also, my example is only one way it could be implemented. There are other options that would also make sense.

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