Trouble with the repeat sign: Is not acknowledged, jumps to the beginning, instead.

• Nov 16, 2018 - 19:37

This is sort of a double problem. First, when the playback hits the end of the piece, where the End repeat sign is, it does not go to the Start repeat sign in the middle of the piece, but goes back to the beginning and starts the piece all over. The Start Repeat sign is in the MIDDLE of a measure, if that is relevant.
The second problem is that I don't know how to write the last measure of the first ending so that it has a reduced count. I want it to leave out the last 1/4 beat (not have 1/4 rest sign there) so that playback can jump to the repeat measure just before ITS last 1/4 beat, using that for the last beat before entering the second-ending section.


For the first problem there is no way to know for sure without seeing the actual musescore file.

To reduce the number of beats in a measure, right click the measure chose measure properties and adjust the actual duration.

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The solution is to

  • Remove the start repeat that does not work
  • Select the first note that will be after the repeat and use Edit->Measures->Split measure before selected note
  • Insert a start repeat in the second half of the split measure
  • (optional) right click the second half of the measure and check "Exlude from measure count"

As Marc said, inserting a barline in the middle of a measure works as an ornament.

Mid-measure repeat signs are for show only, they don't affect playback. If you want that effect, then instead of adding the mid-measure repeat, split the measure in two at that point via Edit / Measures. That can also be a way of creating shortened measures at the other end, although Measure Properties will do the job too and can sometimes be more flexible.

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