not launching after the splashscreen

• Dec 2, 2018 - 00:05
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I can't launch musescore 3.0 to get to the application gui. It goes to the splashpage, disappears, and doesn't do anything after that, it's not running in the background as I looked through task manager processes and so forth.

The only workaround that has worked so far is using "run" and launch it with a -s, -f and -w don't work, after I got into musescore 3 for my very first time, I tried to adjust some settings in "preferences" and it crashed consistently every time I hit apply.

I'm using a dell xps 15 9550, and I've been having a lot of audio problems with my behringer umc404hd, I believe the two are unrelated, but I thought it would be nice to know.


After some more digging I found out that the I/O section didn't have anything thing selected, but at the same time everything is all grayed out. How do I enable this?

Not sure what you mean. MuseScore is a notation program, if -s allows you to get past the crash on get on with the business of notating, then it has a great point. It also helps diagnose the crash - it shows that it has something to do with the audio system. meaning we can stop wondering if it's something else, like a font conflict or display device conflict etc.

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Fair, but this problem cripples me from changing literally any setting, regardless big or small. I use musescore as a visual midi editor most of the time, using the replay feature as a quick and dirty way of double checking if I am wrong or not. I'm just curious why it doesn't work right now.

Because, as you found out yourself already, your sound system has a problem.
You can still edit scores though. And the only settings you can't change are those related to sound / playback.

The next question is why my audio doesn't play nice with musescore. I'll keep you guys posted if I find anything.

Just checked, nothing I have fits the bill, I've been using musescore way back since 0.9 and I never had this issue before.