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• Dec 16, 2018 - 16:10


after scanning paper sheet music, converting it to musicxml and importing it into MuseScore, i suffer from small mistakes in the scan, that show up as "invisible rests" that i seem unable to remove (delete does not work). Any help on this? See screenshot below/attached.

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You will need to reenter the measures with invisible rests. The scanning program was confused and made the measure unnecessarily longer and added the extra rests. Right click a measure with the extra rest and choose measure properties and you will see the actual duration is longer than the nominal duration (which is what the time signature says it should be). You will need to make the nominal and actual durations the same for there to be no extra rests in the measures.

The PDF import is still quite experimental and this is one of the things it does sometimes.

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thank you, that is exactly what i'm doing indeed. I was hoping i could avoid that, because deleting the measure with ctrl-del, requires re-entering that measure for all voices.
Btw: i'm not using pdf import, because i have better experience using "MusicScanner" on iPhone, export from there to musicxml and then import.

Should you see better ways, please share!

I'm attaching the musescore file, which has been cleaned up until measure 65. After that measure, there's a few more of these erroneous rests.

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To make it a little easier, you don't have to use ctrl+delete to remove the reinsert the measure, just adjust the actual duration of the measure in measure properties. The extra notes will just disappear. The notes left over will be messed up, so you can either select the bad measures and press only delete (del) to clear them, or simply enter the correct notes & rests and they will replace the existing notes if you are using the computer keyboard.

I was actually surprised to see a multiple instrument score had been imported so well using the import facility in MuseScore, which I now realize did not happen. It seems a lot of programs have the same problem as the one MuseScore uses. Without paying money, I don't know of any program that does a really good job of importing scores from PDF. I've seen recommendations in the forums, but I've never used any of the other import tools.

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The problem with timewise delete in version 3 is that the extra rests are on different beats. You could use it to fix the measure length, but it's likely that the other instruments would be easier to just reenter. I thought about this as I was explaining how to fix it in version 2.

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