Adding staff creates bad barline spans

• Jan 9, 2019 - 23:53
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P0 - Critical
S3 - Major

If you have two staves on separate instruments that have linked barlines (a shared barline that goes between staves) and add a third staff between these two, any pre-existing double barlines will format incorrectly, and crash MuseScore when interacted with in some ways (including using insert to add another bar,

Steps to recreate:
1. Open the attached score
2. Press 'I' to open the instrument menu and add another staff to the first piano
3. Click 'OK'
4. The bugged double barline is created
5. To get a crash, click on the right hand bar and press the 'Insert' key to insert a bar on the other side of the double barline

Very simple, delete the bugged barline and create a new one

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I cannot reproduce here with the 3.0, and current 3.x dev.

At step#5, I don't get a crash, and the measure is inserted as expected (image below)
What I missed?


5. To get a crash, click on the right hand bar bar -> measure (in US English)? Or do you men the reight hand piano staff, the treble clef one?
Anyway: I can't reproduce the crash either way

Title Bugged Double Barlines cause Crashes Adding staff to instrument creates bad barline spans
Priority P1 - High P0 - Critical
Status needs info open issues

In a score created from scratch I get similar if slightly different bad behavior with barlines when adding staves, but no crash. Still, the barline behavior is not good. For instance:

1) new score, treble template
2) add double bar to measure 2
3) add second staff to the instrument

Result: double bar is not applied to second staff. Then:

4) extend double bar to bottom staff

Result: all other barlines are extended, but the double bar is not. Then:

5) Select the doube bar
6) Click "Span to next staff" in Inspector

Result: double bar extends to top of next staff then resumes as a normal barline, as shown above

Reproducibility Always Randomly

Yes, what cadiz1 was trying to do to recreate the bug was correct. I have retried clicking on the measure to the right of the double barline and I no longer get a crash when inserting a bar, but that is how I was getting one previously.

Title Adding staff to instrument creates bad barline spans Adding staff creates bad barline spans

Also this bug occurs whenever you add a new staff, regardless of whether it is the same instrument as any other staves and regardless of whether placed above or below existing staves. This bug happens with double barlines and dotted barlines, but not repeat barlines or final barlines.