Cant put the '&' sign inside line text

• Jan 20, 2019 - 19:04

Bug report.

It's a small bug. When inserting a dim. _ _ _ _ _ and using the '&' sign in the text, Musescore is ignoring the next symbols you type in. Look to the picture it will clarify the bug.

Philip Bergwerf

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And seems to be be a regression, it's possible with V 2.x. Not sure if it's it's a common use of music notation, but maybe really worth for an issue tracker entry.

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In symphonic music the Italian e is and most of the time, but people can use & any time they want, so it should be reported as a bug. There have been similar situations where this happened in version 2.x and was easily fixed.

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Indeed, it's an XML thing - & is a special character and gets processed specially. We need to special case the special case to prevent this happening, and obviously there are some places where this doesn't happen but should. Workaround: type "& amp ;" (without the spaces), which is how ampersands are actually represented in XML. I had to add the spaces to prevent forum from turning that back into a single "&" because it uses XML too :-)

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