Musescore 3 - score playing with "continue display" only from the beginning

• Feb 6, 2019 - 13:10

With a score playing four voices and organ (Magnificat from Pachelbel), including many changes of tempi, when you play the score with "page display" all is OK even when you start the playing from any point of the score. On the contrary, with the same score, when you play it with the "continue display", musescore feel bad and star the score from the beginning. In addition, additional unnecessary keys are displayed on the screen when the score is displayed with the option "continue display". This second issue was also observed with Musescore 2.

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Magnificat_in_D_Johann_Pachelbel.mscz 41.44 KB


The extra keys and clefs appear to be present in page view as well if I remove the line breaks. Not sure how they got there, but to get rid of them, add a new key signature there then delete it.

I can't reproduce the playback problem. Are you perhaps in loop mode? If so, it's normal to start at the beginning of the loop.

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