• Feb 7, 2019 - 22:57

I cant find a way to raise and lower a chord symbol with respect to the staff.


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There is a known bug where existing chord symbols don't update after a style change until you save and reload, or forcing their positions to be reset using the Inspector. Should be fixed in the next update. Meanwhile, save/reload works.

Note that disabling autoplace is not relevant here. You can certainly make manual adjustments with or without autoplace enabled, and disabling it won't work around the bug with style changes not being honored right away.

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Unless I'm doing something wrong. In my estimation, I've tried all that I know how to do, but the chord distance to staff won't change. I did finally save to xml and imported the chart into previous version of musescore 2.x and the maneuver was easy. We seemed to have lost some of the "user-friendly-ness" with this latest version (changes in terminology, and location of functions, etc.) This is a really simple chord chart but it should illustrate what I'm having difficulty with. I have saved, closed the program, shut off auto placements, tried to change the chords within the chord symbol dialogue...I've tried so many things that I can't remember them all. I'm not sure this file example will show the problem clearly bc I exported it and re-imported it now. I don't have the original score any longer. However, it seems the problem still exists

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I know it's tempting to think of changes as loss of friendliness, but really, the idea is to become mroe friendly by placing things in the correct places, the places where new users would think to look, rather than hiding them in the old places where only the experienced few knew how to find. So we old hands might need to get used to some changes for the benefit of everyone.

Anyhow, I have loaded you score into MuseScore 3. I then moved the first chord symbol down to almost touch the staff using the cursor keys, hit the "Set as Style" button in the Inspector to make this the new default, then saved and reloaded the score. It worked exactly as I said. It also worked fine if instead of using "Set as Style" in the Inspector, I used Format / Style / Text Styles / Chord Symbol. So I'm not sure what exactly you were doing wrong, but it really does work after save/reload, and as I said, that particular bug should be fixed in the next update.

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