Can I have version 2 back pls ?

• Feb 10, 2019 - 12:44

Where do I find a previous version of MS ? Version 3 makes a mess out of my old scores. Version 2 scores are not compatible with version 3
I have to redo kinda all my scores.


The version 2 is still available on the site, and can run on your computer next to version 3 without problem.
So you can continue to work on V2 for your existing scores and use V3 for the new ones (sharing file extensions though which doesn't make the coexistence as easy as it could be).

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" (AltGr+ 9/0 on my Belgian azerty keyboard) "

Ik have an azerty keyboard too. (I still run Windows 7) @frfancha's advice I run two versions of MS on my PC.
On my left screen I have opened version 2.3.2 and it works, on my front screen version simultaneously and it does not.
It is a usefull tool to keep bars together on the same staff.

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“My input on azerty keyboard was in another thread?”
I was responding to jojo-Schmitz who posted me that link (see above.)

It appears to be that the shortcuts have changed. Ctrl + Alt + Shift + }
But this new combination doesn’t work either. I tried to change this shortcut back to AltGr + } But none of the buttons in this little pop-up window are accessible. I can't type in the bleu framed textbox. (see Untitled-2.jpg)

But I made it to work Hallelujah ! (In a weird way)

I was able to delete (wis) the shortcut Ctrl + Alt + Shift + } in the main shortcut editor window. But in this little pop-up window I couldn’t assign a new one. So I restored to default values and MS assigned automatically } to it. (see Untitled-3.jpg)

And now it works :-)

Tanks to all, all your inputs have led to the solution.

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I definitely recommend keeping both versions around, using 2 for the scores that had many manual adjustments to look good and then don't look as good in 3 without further re-adjustment.

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