4 measures per line

• Mar 7, 2019 - 16:37


How do i set up a score to have 4 measures per line??

seems everytime i start a new score it has 18 measures per line....


For the record, though, it's only 18 measures when those measures empty. They automatically respace themselves as you add notes. So adding the system breaks isn't normally necessary, unless you have a special reason to want exactly four measures per line (common in lead sheets and music for children, mostly).

My sheet looked crammed and terrible until I did this:
go to FORMAT then STYLE then MEASURE and change the
MINIMUM MEASURE WIDTH...I changed mine to 20.00 to achieve 4 or 5 measures per line depending on your score.
just fiddle with it a little, and it will work and print out nicely!

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You can do that, but the results are not actually optimal. If you want looser spacing, you will get more consistent results more easily by inserting line breaks, for example with Format / Add/Remove Line Breaks. or increasing the Spacing parameter in that same dialog, which will increase things proportionally. Increasing the minimum measure width will result in uneven spacing with the line.

I'm making a sheet of separate "licks" or "Lines". My first line has four measures. I'm trying to get rid of the other measures of rest MuseScore adds (5 of them). I've tried to put in a "Break System Every Four Measures" but nothing happens. I've tried deleting the measure and nothing happens. Isn't there a simple way to delete the left over blank measures at the end of a line? And yes, I play jazz and we like 4 measures to a line also.

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