Default beaming produces inconsistent partial beams with odd groupings

• Mar 11, 2019 - 01:04
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Hi, Alex!!
I am working on my new project and being a problem with musescore.
I need the same side of the flags for both tempos, so the musescore is putting the flags differently for the first and second tempo, why?

Please, I love Musescore, but this way I can not do a great work.

Best from Brazil

Jack Lima

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In order for us to assist you, we would need you to attach your actual score, not just a picture. Then we can help you learn to set your beam properties in a way that gives you what you want.

In the future, it's better to ask for help in the Support forum, and use the issue tracker only once it has been confirmed that a problem you are having is an actual bug.

Title This bug need to be fixed, please! Default beaming produces inconsistent partial beams with odd groupings
Status needs info active
Workaround No Yes
Priority P2 - Medium

And that's the better place to continue the discussion. Meanwhile, I've put a more descriptive title on this, which could indeed be considered a minor bug.

  • 10/16 time
  • set sixteenths to beam 5 + 5
  • enter the rhythm shown: eighth-sixteenth-eighth, eighth-sixteenth-eighth

Result: as shown, the partial beams are facing opposite directions. That's because we actually use the sixteenth grouping to help us decide this, so if you had grouped the sixteenths as 3+2+3+2, it would work. I think what is happening here is that absent information about how to group these, we're defaulting to a notion of on versus off the beam that is not valid given the odd-length groupings. The sixteenth in the first grouping appears to us to be "on" the beat (thinking of eighths as the beat) but the second appears to be "off", that's because we are counting from the beginning of the measure rather than recognizing that the odd sixteenth grouping changes this. That should be fixable. But meanwhile, it's a corner case with a workaround.