Save As and Save a Copy do not respect "working directory" on Windows (0.9.6 regression)

• Sep 21, 2009 - 23:11
by design
  1. Start MuseScore
  2. File > Save As (or File > Save a Copy)

Expected behavior: Since this is the first time the Save As dialog is opened it should open to the working directory

Actual behavior: Save As dialog opens to the user "Documents and Settings" folder which is not intended for normal user viewing.

Discussion: The save as dialog tries to remember the last directory but if this is the first time the dialog is called then it shows the documents and settings folder.


As r3038, working directory is used the first time the user saves a new created file.
It's also used for the first Open File of a session. Last open path is not persisted between session.

I do not entirely agree with the idea that 'Save As' should automatically go to the working directory. Obviously the working directory is a better choice than 'Documents and Settings'; that is clearly a bug. But all of the programs that I use offer the directory from which the file was originally opened as the default. To me, this is the correct behavior.

To see an example, open a Microsoft Office document and then choose 'Save As' and you will see that it presents the same folder from which the document was opened. From a MuseScore standpoint, this makes sense as well since you are undoubtedly just doing another version of the same song and it seems obvious that you would want to keep them all together. All of this clicking about to go back to the folder you were already in is a big hassle.