Problem with ChordIdentifier in Musescore 3.05

• Apr 8, 2019 - 15:08
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I have tried but seems to not work in Musescore 3.05 . I put in the Plugin folder but when clic on the
Plugin Tab nothing happens (the Chordidentifier is in the Plugin Manager but does not appear in the window


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Yes I tried putting chordIdentifier.qml in C/ProgrFiles/Musescore3/Plugins and also tried putting it in
C/Documents/Musescore3/Plugins.Then I open Musescore 3.05 >Plugins>Plugin Manager and I see the "Chordidentifier" and check the small square box before the name then clic OK. but when I reopen "Plugins"
I see nothing .....(see attached screenshot with step 1 and step 2)
PS I'm working on win 7 and the installed version of Musescore 3.05 is 32 bit

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Dear Jojo-Schmitz,
The 2nd entry you see on the screenshot is "chord-identifier-sp3" which I have downloaded and added after the "ChordIdentifier" ... and that seems to work (even if I took half an hour to find that it was "hidden" in
the lower left corner of musescore). Regarding the "ChordIdentifier" I attach another image after loading it
in the Plugin Creator and Running . The 1st error is : Line 21>Musescore version 1.0 not installed !!!
i thought these plugins were cheched before uploading: how can it work if it is asking for MS 1.0 ?
...and I'm afraid it is not the only bug...
Anyway I will use "chord-identifier-sp3" for now since it is the only available for Musescore 3

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Dear Demircan ,
Sorry I did not read that note !! (... and it was well bolded !) : it shall be putted also on the "Readme.txt"
and in any case I think it shall be a separate tab because to read all we have to close the palette and then
slide to the right all the score....
Now everything is clear regarding the "chordIdentifier-sp3" and how to use it .
Incidentally I have tested on some scores and find that many times on the same staff it gives me 2 chord names
(one below the other) and one of which is correct while the other is wrong....
Can you please check
Thanks a lot

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Jojo-Schmitz ,
You are right , it was a right mess ! I started reading from Musescore 3 plugins page but then switched
to the documentation page and went on Github and downloaded from there the wrong version , instead to download the "Attachment" on the 1st Page.....
Thanks for help , I will now put order on these files
Best Regards