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• Apr 17, 2019 - 02:35
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As editing with attached score: Nocturnes, Op.9 (Chopin, Frédéric) - Copy (2).mscz, for page 5 bar 21-24, I tried to get them in one line as I could always do with MuseScore 2. When I used Segment->Leading space in the Inspector panel, notes collision happened as seen on this screen capture Collision.jpg.

  • is there a way to quickly avoid it before later software updates? or
  • is there another way to get this editing done without using Leading space?


Title MuseSore 3 Auto Placement/Auto Space Failed to Work - Notes Collision Musesore 3 Auto Placement/Auto Space failed to work

Have you tried to remove stretch by pressing { several times? Also, are those the only notes with the leading space set at negative or did you try it with all of the notes in the measure?

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When I opened this MuseScore 2 file in 3, I agreed to reset what the popup suggested, and further more to make sure, I also reset the FOUR resets available from the top menu.
"{" has to be pressed by holding shift? - when I adjusted the bar width I had to "shift+{" or "shift+}", is this what you are considering?
In order to shrink them into one line, I tried a few notes' Leading space, they all caused collision with many notes.

It seems changing the leading space in those measures lead to the notes being too close together. I pressed { several times, but it did not make the 4 measures to be on the same staff. Finally I reduced the Scaling in Format->Page settings to 1.400 and the measures are on the staff and the notes are not too close together.

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1.4 is too small to read on a 12 inch tablet, and I explored this before and I found 1.5 with 90% of Stave Scale is the same size of smallest size of most traditional printed book, also page left and right margin cannot be less than 6mm. The style settings were manually input, as MS3 dose not accept MS2 Styles.mss.
Is there somewhere I can adjust Auto Placement parameter to achieve it? or is it only available at programming level?

I don't have any better ideas. When I reduced the leading space on all of the notes in all 4 measures, it made the notes cramped like what you show. Maybe someone has a better idea. It's the middle of the night in Europe, so maybe you'll get another idea in a few hours.

Title Musesore 3 Auto Placement/Auto Space failed to work Request for help with spacing

It's better to ask for help using the support forum.

Autoplace isn't meant to prevent you from moving notes around. The point of autoplace is to avoid collisions between other elements. But in any case, I don't see any notes collisions in those measures when I load your score, and I can't reproduce the results shown in your image.

@Marc, did you select the notes in the measure and reduce the leading space? I tried it with all 4 measures and put the leading space at -.3 (or -.4) and the notes get cramped when all 4 measures are on the same staff.

Hmm, I finally got something similar by select all notes of all four measures at once then reducing leading space to the point where notes of ones measure moved to the next. Not really a meaningful thing to do, but anyhow - the note spacing algorithm (which isn't part of autoplace) only enforces spacing within a measure, if you force a note across the barline, it can happily collide with anything.