Drumset brush kit selected, but no brush sounds

• Apr 23, 2019 - 00:00

I don't use percussion alot in MuseScore, and I'm trying to get a brush snare sound. I have drumset selected, and I've gone into the mixer and selected the brush kit; however, when I input or play back the "notes", there's no change, no brush sounds. What am I missing?


Which soundfont file are you using? ???

I use GeneralUser GS 1.471.sf2 sounfont file and it has a very good snare drum played with brush (unfortunately, there is no an official General MIDI Standard to other percussion elements played with brush, only the snare).

To change the percussion drum set, you have to put an specific indication into the staff (staves) you are using to the percussion notes.

See the file I put below:

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Ah, I probably should've clarified that I'm using MuseScore 2, so I can't view that score. I'm also not very smart with computers, but in my synthesizer, the font listed is MuseScore_General.sf3.
It sounds like what you're talking about with specific indication is similar to entering pizzicato and arco for strings. If this is the case, what indication do I need to enter?

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I added the same sample but written with MuseScore 2.3.2 and using two different soundfont files:

1) GeneralUser GS 1.471.sf2 (my favorite)

2) Musescore_General_HQ.sf2 (today "by-default" soundfont file to MuseScore)

The way to put the change of instrument into the staff is exactly the same that you'd mentioned (arc, pizz, etc). The only difference is that you have to use the "INSTRUMENT" option of the "TEXT" palette.

BTW: To be clear, I prefer the GeneralUser GS 1.471.sf2 soundfont file because my taste. Nothing more, nothing less. Please!!! You are absolutely free to use the soundfont file you want to use!!! There is no boundaries to the free mind!!! MuseScore synthesizer lets us to use up... maybe 10 or more soundfont files at the same time (I guess it is related with the PC capacity). So... You can combine some drum set from a soundfont file to snares, and any other drum set, from any other soundfont file, to hi-hat, etc. etc. etc.

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