soundfont Musescore 3 with decent Saxophone?

• May 14, 2019 - 01:21

So, I am a saxophonist and the majority of my compositions (like 97% of my work) involves sax. However, the Musescore General soundfont has an awful Sax sound (specifically Alto) and my prefered soundfont, GeneralUser, does not have a version that is compatible with MuseScore 3. Does anyone know of a soundfont that can make the sax sound good (while also having the rest of the instruments sound decent too)?


The best saxophone i know is inside the Timbres of Heaven soundfont file (which is huge).

But... I don't use it because it does some playback problems with the Musescore synthesizer (there is some compatibility issues, not solved, yet).

Doesn't look like you need it anymore, but I was just working on a new Alto Sax soundfont and seen this post.
I'm still nowhere near done with this thing, but it's better than most the others I've worked with so far. Hope it comes in handy.

It's largely based off the Karoryfer Samples' Weresax SFZ and a few samples ripped from the Strix's DSoundfont.
I also pulled a bunch from my main soundfont project.
It's licence is CC4.0, have fun...…

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