note-anchored line should connect notehead centers

• May 20, 2019 - 15:24
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a note-anchored line (Add > Lines > Note-anchored line), apparently connects the left edged of note heads, ist should connect their centers. So while being vertically centered it should also be horizontaly centered. A horizontal offset of 0.5sp should take care of that (not perfectly though, as notheads, while being 1sp hight, usually are wider than 1sp).
Workaround of course is to manually apply that offset


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The above is true for 3.0.5 and 3.1 Beta 2, but for master it is no longer, there additionaly the vertical offset is wrong by -1sp, and that seems to be a style setting now.
Which might make it easier to fix maybe? At least the workaround seems easier now...

Here is the story:

In 3.0.x, there was a style setting for the position above/below for text lines (default was 3.5sp), but it was completely ignored - text lines were actually being set to display right on the top/bottom staff line, and only autoplace was pushing them off. There were other lines not honoring their style settings either, or not preserving them on save/reload. So I went in and fixed this, but I recognized there were issues here. See my comments in

I hadn't recognized the change would also affect note-anchored lines (they are, technically, text lines) or I'd have been more inclined to make the default 0. Or introduce a new style setting specific for the note anchored lines, although since it isn't actually a different element type, that might be tricky.

At this point, I would consider changing the default for textlines to 0sp, which is basically what it was before despite what the dialog said. Or we could try to make a separate style setting work. It might be doable just by adding a case for this in propertyDefault(). Or, if it's easier, just force note anchored lines to have a zero default offset regardless of the style.

Title note-anchored line should connect notehead centers note-anchored line should connet notehead centers

True, but since that's not a regression, I was less concerned. I'm also not convinced connecting centers is the right answer - maybe it should be right edge of start note to left edge of end note? But there are also questions of accidentals, dots, etc, so maybe centers is a more reasonable default starting point despite not really being good in itself.

Title note-anchored line should connet notehead centers note-anchored line should connect notehead centers

Didn't mean to uncorret the typo :-)

FWIW, either way, I agree the 0.5sp offset is a hack (and would also need to be special-cased for note anchored lines). Better to address it directly in the layout, once we decide on plan.

right edge to left edge might work too (left to left is just wrong), but I think center to center looks much better, esp. at steeper angels. At least the line should aim at the note center, they may end before them though, similar to glissandos, would look even nicer IMHO

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