note-anchored line style applied incorrectly

• May 20, 2019 - 17:39
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neither line style not any of the textline properties can get change in a note-anchored line (and the latter don't make much sense, but the former surly does)


Title note-anchored line can't get styled (dotted, dashed...) note-anchored line style applied incorrectly
Priority P2 - Medium

Actually, if you zoom way in, you'll see it is being applied, but the gaps are way too small if the line is anything but completely horizontal. Yet somehow other text lines are able to draw diagonal dashes with no problem. The one difference I know of has to do with when in the process we perform the layout - note lines are laid later than other lines because they can cross staff.

It's possible this is related to #287770: Weird beams. Something about drawing of diagonals not working correctly for things that are laid out during page layout rather than system layout. We've had other similar "jagged beam" reports. I don't really understand why layout order should matter since drawing is the same in all cases.

Type Functional Graphical (UI)

Also for the anchored line, why did you set up the line to start from the center of the note to the center of the next note, in music notations usually the line is not touching the note. It should off course be linked to the center of the 2 notes, but then visually it should start next to the note with a small blank space.
In musescore file "A35 - Ave Verum Corpus.mscz" at measures 16 & 38, in the organ part for example.

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Originally it was more random seeming, we made a few changes over the years to suit different purposes and to fix bugs. The line can in principle be used for many different purposes, not just those that happen to normally start to the left of the note. So the center seemed a good reliable default to adjust from. Realistically, though, I agree the use case you mention is common enough that it probably should have been the default all along.