F keys on MacOSX

• Sep 24, 2009 - 23:38
S4 - Minor

On MacOSX the F9 to F12 keys are mapped to System functions by default (Exposé, Dashboard etc...).
In MuseScore these keys are used to open the Mixer, Navigator etc... and so for the moment it does not work.
I would like to change the default shortcuts in MuseScore and to be gentle with users who uses it on multiple OS, I would like to change it for all of them.
What do you think?

Here are sibelius shortcuts:

Navigator --> Ctrl + Alt + N --> Alt + Cmd +N
Playback --> Ctrl + Alt + Y --> Alt + Cmd +Y
Palette(Keypad) -->Ctrl + Alt + K --> Alt + Cmd +K
Mixer --> Ctrl + Alt + M --> (Ctrl + Alt + M is mapped on Mac to "minimize the window in tray") so M only


It might be nice to keep the old shortcuts in addition to the new ones you are proposing since one key is easier to press than three.

I don't have strong feelings about it though since the old shortcuts are difficult to memorize (unless you use them quite often). I usually end up pressing three function keys before I get what I want because I forget which is which.

It seems hard to have several shortcuts for one action except if defined by Qt.
So I propose to remove the F* keys and adopt the one proposed or similar for all platforms.
Any strong opinions against this suggestion?

I made the change for Mac only in r2805

Edit : M does not work so I change to ++M.
On Mac, this shortcut is normally assigned to reduce the window to the Dock but MuseScore does not offer this feature. If someone has better idea...

Win/Linux Mac
Navigator F12 ++N
Play Panel F11 ++P
Palette F9 ++K
Mixer F10 ++M

Ok. Thanks for the tip. I did that.
So the shortcuts are:

Win/Linux Mac
Navigator F12 ++N
Play Panel F11 ++P
Palette F9 ++K
Mixer F10 M(Disabled in edit mode to avoid conflict with text entry)