Sharing one word with more that one note.

• May 23, 2019 - 01:54

Good Evening All,
I need to share one word with 3 notes and in another case more that one measure.
i.e. Emmanuel in my song takes up 3 measures and 5 notes like this: E - mama - n - u - el
The word is sooo spread out no one will know what the word is.
how can i bring the letters together?
Crtl + space bar doesnt work.

Thanks Again


to draw the continuation line under notes press _ until it's long enough.

To add dashes between syllables press - you can press it twice to apply the - to two additional notes.

To put two words on one note type a word ctrl+space then another word and so on.

If the word really is spread out over mutliple notes, the syllables aren't supposed to be together. That would be musically incorrect - syllables need to be under the notes they actually fit. It's not unusual this would put the syllables of a word far apart in some cases, and that's correct and expected.

If you think there is something else going on that you need to change for some reason, please attach your score so we can understand and assist better.

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