No stafflines showing in glyphs

• May 24, 2019 - 17:39

RC 3.1. - Palette Repeats & Jumps.
In the glyphs Start-repeat and End-repeat there are no stafflines visible.
The third glyp (End-Start repeat) shows them correctly.

Windows 10, 64-bit -, 8b1a7dc


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In the Palette Barlines the same glyphs are shown with staff lines
And that is fine. It is also fine that they are shown without staff lines in the Repeats & Jumps palette. This is the way it appears in 3.0.5. The new glyph is the problem. It should be shown without staff lines in the Repeats & Jumps palette to match the other two.

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On my system the separating line between the glyphs looks like a sixth staff line of the End-start repeat, which is confusing. To me a convincing reason to not show the stafflines in the Repeats & Jumps.
(The glyphs in the Barlines Palette are higher than those in the R&J.)
I'm new to entering Issues and pointing to etc. Can you refer me to a page that teaches me how to do it correctly?

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Don't hesitate to continue reporting issues. When you need to enter a new issue into the tracker, ask again and we'll point you in the right direction. I encourage people to enter their own issues so they don't hesitate later when they need to. In this case, we are reopening a previous issue and using that as our reference to fix it. Thank you for your help.

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