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• May 25, 2019 - 12:25

There is no way I know to get the "Crescendo dal niente" and "Decrescendo dal niente" symbols on Musescore 3. It is a huge problem for me and I suppose for many others. I've paid 40$ every year since 2013 and now I can't do things I could before? Come on...


Sorry, but you never paid anything to use the MuseScore application, don't confuse this with using a pro account on And having paid there does by no means entitle you for bug fixes here.

The n dynamic is available in the dynamics palette of the Advanced workspace in MuseScore 3, no change at all vs. MuseScore 2.

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If you know any way to do what I ask about, just tell me and I'll be as happy as I've always been with Musescore. If you don't, say it, but don't say "Hey, you don't pay for the software you pay for the Pro user blablabla"

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Please don't give the impression that you're entitled for support and bug fixing for the MuseScore program because you paid for a pro account on, as that is not part of the contract or terms and conditions of a pro account at all.
And if you do, allow me to correct this.

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There is still the checkbox for circled tip on all crescendo and decrescendo hairpins. It's been there since version 2. It doesn't automatically play to niente, but you have control through the velocity change field in the inspector to set the final velocity at 0.

These can be easily moved above or below the staff by selecting them and pressing X, no dragging necessary.


To be clear...

Here is what you pay for:
that is, the more than 5 scores hosted at for the world to see. (Notice the .com)

On the contrary: - this website - provides the (free) MuseScore music notation software, and additionally supports the software related user forums.
Over here, any bug reports, suggestions, criticisms, (and compliments) are freely accepted.


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