change .mscz, location or make them optional

• May 26, 2019 - 16:09

Having the .mscz, next to the true scores in the same folder is extremely annoying (yes "show hidden files is on and must be so on my computer).
We should have either an option to save them elsewhere, either to turn them off.
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You don't see them from within MuseScore, if you do, then you should be able turn them off inside of MuseScore the same way you turned them on.

If you only double click a score to open it, then I ask "Why?" this is not necessary. You can open scores from within MuseScore.

One other thing, on windows, the icon on a .mscz, file is different than the icon on a .mscz file so it's obvious which is a backup and which is the actual score.

I don't see any reason to put backups in a different directory than the original scores.

I am opposed to allowing users to turn this off completely. Allowing the user to setup an alternate location will allow them to have "Symphony 1" in one folder (perhaps Haydn) and "Symphony 1" in a different folder (perhaps Mozart), then, since all of the backup go into one folder, the backup from the second file will overwrite the backup from the first. I don't think this is a good situation to put users into. They have enough problems understanding their operating systems as it is. Allowing them to overwrite their backups with another score is bad.

I've never had a disaster where I lost the current copy of a score, but I have written music so bad that I decided to revert to my backup rather than trying to undo the terrible noise I made.

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I manage scores in folders.
I sort them, list them, create subfolders to move them by genre, for example when enough "bourrée" are present in the folder "France" it means that it is time to create the subfolder "Bourrée" and move the corresponding scores there, ....
Seeing in all these folders listed first when sorted alphabetically the .mscz, files is pure nuisance.
If MuseScore really wants to save these backup files by folder, they should create a .mscz, --folder-- next to the true scores and put the backup in there.
That way, for "advanced" users who need/want to turn on 'show hidden files', only one line showing the .mscz, folder would use screen space, which is much more acceptable.
The same way the '.git' folder uses one line of "space" in your dev folders.

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I, too, insist on "show hidden files" to be my general (Windows) work environment.

At any given time, I only have a few works (and therefore backups) in progress - I delete any backups upon completion, to prevent that dreaded 'backup buildup'.

I can understand the annoyance with having many, many .mscz, files listed first.
(Probably so can others - judging by the mistakenly identified scores which then become forum attachments.)

Perhaps all backups should be listed last.


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In my WIndows explorer I have Show Hidden turned on. When I use File->Open in MuseScore I don't see the hidden files. I mentioned that I have different icons for .mscz, and .mscz files in windows, and I would expect this to be the norm since .mscz, files are not registered with the operating system. As far as them being listed first or last by the operating, this depends upon the order set up by the operating system and is totally controllable by the user, at in windows.

Perhaps Linux and Mac have different results.

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-I don't speak of "file open", that's not the issue. I speak of work and organization of files through Windows explorer.
-I know these files have a different icons. But that doesn't decrease the place they take on top of the true files
-I didn't know that you could display them at the end of the folder and would be very interested that you explain how as that would help to reduce the inconvenience

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