Ottava begin and continue text cannot be saved as independent style settings

• Jun 8, 2019 - 16:57
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P2 - Medium
S4 - Minor
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Create an 8va line that encompasses more than one system.
From inspector set the continue text to have brackets: (8va)
Leaving begin text as: 8av
The ottava continuation text is altered accordingly.
Now save the continuation text as a style setting (S button).
At this point, the begin text is updated to match the continue text. Removing brackets from the begin text and pressing S removes them from the continue text.

Unlike cresc. and dim. It looks like continue and begin text can't be set differently as a style setting.


Priority P2 - Medium

Seems to be that there simply is no separate style setting for ottava continue text; it just uses the begin text. I think it might only be implemented for hairpin lines, probably because there was a specific request for this.

Precisely! I think a full fix would involve adding new style definitions (Sid) for the begin/continue/end text for each of the different line types, hooking them all up as styled properties in the ElementStyle definition for each line type, and handling them in the above code and similar places.

A perhaps semi-reasonable partial fix would be to simply change the default value for continue text to be same as begin text but in parentheses, rather than defaulting to empty.

Although as I recall, it was the fact you couldn't change this as a style default for hairpins that caused that style setting to get added in the first place. I'm not seeing an issue for this, maybe it was just a forum discussion that led to the change? Seems it was right around the 3.0 release...

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Putting the continuation text for an ottava in parentheses is very unorthodox. I would be shocked to find Gould says this is correct. The user should have control over all continuation text, but don't change the default.