• Jun 12, 2019 - 23:47
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S3 - Major

As title, what's in this folder? since it takes some time to modify its file contents after MuseScore quits, and causes my sync software malfunction, I would like to disable this engine, is it safe and how?


It is a library providing the code that pulls data from musescore.com and displays it in the Start Center. I believe the program will crash if you remove that and then open the Start Center. If you don't open the Start Center, it should still run fine without that.

Also, this is the issue tracker. The issue tracker is meant for reporting actual confirmed bugs so that the developers can come here and look for stuff to fix. This question should ideally have been asked in the Support and bug reports forum. The "needs info" status means that the developers need more info to understand the bug which is being reported in the issue, not that the poster needs info on something. Just something to remember next time ;-)

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Thanks, the program doesn't crash with the folder deleting, and this issue is now "fixed" by deleting the folder and disable the "Start Center".
I was brought to this post location from the APP top menu "Report a bug", is it the same as "Support and bug reports" you mentioned? the top menu and the web forum topics are not synced as we noticed, confusing and not easy, one day fixing as we knew.
BTW, I understood "need info" as MuseScore can acquire more info from users if they need.

@Xianyue賢越 in other words, when you have a potential bug or other question next time, you can click on "Report a bug" as normal inside MusScore Then, when you get to the issue tracker page, there is a brown box at the top asking to post in the forum if you have a question or think you found a bug. Click on the link there, and it will take you to the forum.

The reason for not wanting people to post support questions here, is that this is the place where developers go to look for bugs to fix. If there are lots of support questions and duplicate bug reports, they miss some of the important information in the clutter.

And the status "needs info" is for the developers to ask the OP for more information (in order to track down ta bug), not for the OP to ask a question ;-)