Accent cannot be played in the .mscz files transferred from 2.x

• Jun 14, 2019 - 09:15
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This problem didn't attach my attention until a friend mentioned it. Here are two files. 2x.mscz is created in 2.x, which is the original one and 3x.mscz is transferred from 2x.mscz and manipulated in 3.x, which .

After transferring the 2x file in MuseScore 3.1, I failed to have a playback with the accents (Marked in red in the 3x attachment), even if I reset the whole score. The only way to solve this issue is to copy the whole content, then create a new score and paste in to the new one. However, this workaround cannot paste all the elements and some of property in the original one.

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2.x and 3.x are not the same scores at all. Like the 3.x one has pelal marking, the 2.x one has not, they have different tempo texts and different pitches all over the place too, also rehearsal marks..
But most imortantly the 2.x score does not have any accents, not in the places where the 3.x score has them at least (e.g. in measures 9 -12.
Alsi in the 3.x score you're using cross staff notation movint tots spave notes to bottom staff, and these are the notes with the accents.

In short: I don't see at all that importing that 2.x score into 3.x would have lost accents, as those don't exist in the 2.x score in the first place.
For comparison here the miages how it looks in 2.x
and 3.x:
Those don't have much in common

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It's true that the 2.x score doesn't have accents, but the accents aren't played if you open the 3.x score. Copy-and-pasting the area which have accents to a new score, and the accents are played normally. It's really strange since I looked into the .mscx version of that 3.x score and the accents haven't a "Play" tag, suggesting the accents should be played, but in reality they are not.

We need to know hoe those accents got added, and check whether maybe the cross-staff notion plays a roll here.
At least the issue title claiming this being an issue importing 2.x files seems playn wrong, doesn't it?

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Yes, the notes to whom the accents are attached are cross-staff, but re-creating from scratch is without a problem. And I cannot reproduce the problem too by saving a score which has an accented cross-staff note in MuseScore 2, opening it in MuseScore 3 and playing.