Can't change voice of notes in tuplet

• Jun 16, 2019 - 15:19
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1) Create a new sheet.
2) Create some tuplets (triplets, duplets, sextuplets, whatever)
3) Click on the [2] in the (1 2 3 4) section of the toolbar, or press Ctrl + Alt + 2
4) Observe nothing happens.

Expected result: The notes are moved to the second voice, and the first voice is filled up with rests.

Try this with non-tuplets and observe that it works just fine.


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This is indeed a known limitation of this feature. Originally it didn't handle ties either, but now it does, so it would be nice indeed to someday be able to remove this limitation as well.

But indeed, Tools / Voices is the preferred way to do a more complete job of moving notes between voices (including markings on the the notes and more).

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Tool Voices does not fulfill my needs: I have a score (SATB) where the voices SA and TB share the note lines. In this case, the creator of the score did not properly separate the voices (SA appear as chords, not as sep. voices) - so I'd like to do this work on the existing score. This means that I need to select the notes and assign the proper voices - a simple exchange only works on a complete measure.

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If you are trying to separate voices that were entered as chords, the easiest way is to add* an instrument directly below the staff you are working on. Select the instrument with the notes and use tools->Explode then select both staves and use tools->Implode. The chords will become notes in voices 1 & 2. If you have started doing this manually, you can select only the complete measures you need fixed and explode then implode. These do not work on partial measures. This also works properly on tuplets. When you are done remove the instrument you added.

*To add an instrument press i for the instruments dialog and use the up and down arrows in the dialog box to move the instrument up as needed.

Title Selecting Notes and Changing Voice Doesn't Work With Tuplets Can't change voice of notes in tuplet
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And consider, you might only be hiding some of the notes of the tuplet, not all. Or you might have a specific reason to want hide the notes but not the number/bracket. It's also very common to want to display the notes but not the triplet number/bracket (eg, a piece that is mostly triplets). It's an important feature, not a bug, that visibility can be controlled independently. And in any event, as stated, not relevant to the issue at hand.