How to change this (can't explain, look at picture)

• Jun 19, 2019 - 09:26

Hi! Look at this pic. I want the voices (1 and 2) have the stems like in B, but I also want the 1/4 to not be put before the 1/2. I want the 1/4 to place themselves as in A.

Only way I can get what I want, is by changeing the voices. Byt then the voices get misleading (voice 1 is not voice 1). If I change voices, and then change direction of the stems, they will place themselves wrong again.

Can I manually change what note to be placed first when two voices can't be placed at the same place?


MuseScore follows the standard rules of music notation for placing notes in these situations, so if you are using voices correctly, it should virtually never be necessary to override this. Can you explain more, perhaps with a hand-drawn picture, what you want to achieve and why?

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Hi! The pic in my first post shows what I want to achieve (A but stems as in B). The reason why is too complicted to explain shortly, but it is personal preferences that has explanations.

Sometimes I see in old notes (I have loads) that they do in different ways when notes should be in the same place, so I did not know this was standard.

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I don't think you literally want A but with the stems as in B, because then they would overlap (which is why this is not the right way to notate this):


So I suspect you might really mean, something kind of like that but with the downstem note moved even further to right, thus not being as space-efficient (which is why this is not normally considered correct either):


Either of these non-standard results can be obtained using the chord offset in the Inspector.

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Hi again. Yep, I did like that, and it's fine with me, for just this project. I understand why this is not standard, but in this project, in that place, and for me only, it is what I'm looking for. :)

I used the offset, but if I don't remember wrongly, one could not move the whole note like this in MS2? I may have missed that function if so, but when I tried it (in MS2), I had to move each element separately (head, stem, flag).

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