Reprise dans la version mac et PC

• Jun 26, 2019 - 20:12
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In the attached file, the replay at measure 20 is not played on musescore Mac but works properly on PC muscore 2.x
Like to fix it?

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Et bonjour à toi l'artiste !V2.mscz 27.78 KB


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There's is a missing start repeat barline concerning the end repeat barline in measure 21 in your score, and I see several segnos without "d.s. al segno". Could you explain the roadmap of the score, what you expect, how it should playback?

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Hello Kuwitt.
After several problems to connecting, I can now answer to you.
Then my roadmap is :
mesure 5 to 12 and 5 to 11 and jump to 12 to read 13 à 21 and then read again 5 to 11, jump 12 and read 13 to 19, jump 20 and 21 and finish 22 to 30

I try to do what you explain but I'm not sure to really understand ! Then i doesn't work too !

Then what I have to change or write ?

Thanks a lot

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Et_bonjour_à_toi_l'artiste_!2.mscz 27.98 KB

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Yes !!! it's exactly what I want...
Thank a lot

Therefore, I don't understand why, if I put other repeat lignes 1. and 2. as I wrote before, it doesn't work, and then we need to use codas after repeat lignes...
could you explain to me ? In fact I'm novice solfege, as you can see...

Thanks again

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By the way: I marked this bug entry as closed inside the issue tracker, because it isn't a bug. But you can still reply to it to further question to this topic. For further (other) questions better use the forum, before you decide that's a bug (for French: or English:

Concerning your question: This is the way how music notation works. For each end repeat barline you need a single start repeat barline. You won't find any professional published score, where you've a single start repeat barline, but two end repeat barlines. A second end repeat barline needs also a second start repeat barline (placed after the end repat barline before).

In such cases (as you described) you've to insert a "Dal segno", "Dal segno al coda", "Da capo", "Da capo al coda" and so on...