Note focus/cursor is lost after picking a duration after selecting a measure

• Jul 3, 2019 - 07:26

Musescore 3.2.2 (thought it happened in earlier versions)
Platform: Windows 7 / 64b

If I select a rest or a note in a measure and then pick a duration (either with a 1-7 shortcut or via the toolbar icon), the chosen note has its duration modified and the resulting note is blue, indication it is the current note insertion point (or cursor or the focus, I'm not sure what people use to describe it).

However, if I select an entire measure and then pick a duration, the contents of the measure are modified exactly as before, but the focus/cursor/insertion point is lost. If I then enter a note (A-G), instead of showing up where I just set the duration, it instead modifies the first note of the score.

Here is a short (2.5 minute) youtube video demonstrating the problem:


This is entirely by design.
When performing a range selection (be it a single measure or the next 44 measures across 3 staves, or ...) and changing the duration of the whole selection, after the action nothing remains selected. The duration change is applied one-by-one from the end of the selection to the front of it.
People couldn't settle down on which location would be "correct" to select afterwards (my opinion: the same range) as selecting the first element would be just as often as wrong as selecting the last. Therefor the agreement has been to not select anything afterwards.

And when nothing is selected, note entry starts at the beginning of the score. This is by design so that when creating a new score, you can immediately start entering music.

@Jojo: so no duplicate

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I can see why there are cases where one might think one note in the selected measure is better as the cursor than another, but having it instead go to a completely different measure seems even worse.

One of the changes made to Musescore after Tantacrul's review was that after deleting an item, the cursor would be lost and then note entry would also map to the first note of the score. I don't see why this action (select measure, set a duration) is any different than that case. Losing the focus is entirely surprising.

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I agree, we should strive not to lose focus. However , I think the bug is that anything happens at if you press a duration key after selecting a measure - that operation should do nothing whatsoever. It only just happens to because the selection happens to contain exactly one element (the rest), and thus does the thing that happens had you actually selected the rest itself. We should be more consistent: pressing a duration key with a range selected does nothing, except maybe pop up an error message.

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My mistakes then I didn't know that this feature existed.
But if the code to change a range selection into a notes list selection, then again why doesn't MuseScore do it for you when you use a command requiring a list selection and a range is selected?

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Good question. Sometimes that probably does make sense, as it's likely clear enough what is meant. But often it wouldn't make so much sense, and the result would be you've lost your selection. Offhand I don't see a reason why the particular command being discussed here (changing duration of multiple notes) couldn't do this, but maybe there were good reasons, maybe just an oversight?

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