Vertical frame top gap does not work anymore

• Jul 4, 2019 - 14:47
Reported version
P2 - Medium
S3 - Major

Steps to reproduce this issue :
1- Select tittle frame
2- Try to increase the gap in the inspector : No result

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Then try it in another way :
1- Open Format>Style>Page> Vertical frame top gap
2- Try to increase : No résult

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No problem with MuseScore 2.3.2

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Type Graphical (UI) Functional
Priority P2 - Medium

Currently, the top gap is only honored if there is actually something above the frame. It's worth considering changing this, as otherwise there probaby isn't a good way to have one random frame at the top of a page be lower than your overall margin settings. Normally, you'd want the frame at whatever your margin is (and you'd increase your margin in Format / Page Settings if you wanted it bigger) - is there a reason you'd want one particular frame lower than other things on other pages?

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Thank you, Marc, for your answer.
I am not particularly attached to this function, although it has disappeared.
However, I notice that MuseScore users are taking more and more care of the layout of this first page: various texts, images, logos etc.... This is probably because it is the one that is visible on the site.
There is still a workaround that might be enough:
Select the title frame and insert a vertical frame above it.

Severity S4 - Minor S3 - Major

"Vertical frame top margin" (Style > Page) does not work if the frame is at the top of a page. That is one reason for "Top gap" to be made functional again. Another reason is that you may need to apply a different top margin setting to a frame at the top of a page: for example, so that a title (say) is below the page number.

Yeah, I just ran into the latter case (wanting frame below header) yesterday. Still not totally clear if it's better to honor the top gap property or the top margin style setting or both. Would need to see more real-world cases to understand. Best to discuss this on the forum where more people are likely to participate.