Barline spans

• Jul 9, 2019 - 17:59

I want to achieve what is shown in the pic, but, not manual/static, but dynamic. So that if I decide to break a row in another place, or if the score itself makes that due to other song text or so, ther first barline will reach the staff below, but not the following.

I checked the handbook, but did not find any solution. Is there one?


It's not really clear what you mean here. What I think you are describing should already be the default - the initial barline at the start of the system is always connected unless you take steps to make it not (this would be extremely unusual), and if you adjust one barline after that to not connect, they all won't.

If you're finding some case where things aren't already working as expected right out of the box, please attach your actual score, not just a picture, and describe what you want to make happen in more detail.

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I take it you were trying to adjust barline spans using the Inspector? That indeed affects only one barline at a time, although if you then press the "set as staff default button", that has the same effect.

There indeed some bugs involving all of this prior to 3.1. The basic cases worked, but lots of thing could throw it off, including double bars, linked parts, etc. All should be good now, whether using the drag or Inspector method.

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