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• Jul 15, 2019 - 15:53

I've an issue. I've been editing the attached pdf. It is an instrumental duet and when I create the parts some of the expression marks from the score do not transfer or are missing or misaligned. I deleted the maarkings from the score, saved as is, and added the markings again. BTW the markings are slurs. After redoing the slurs and creating the parts, it did the same thing. What am I doing wrong or not doing properly? Could it be a corrupt file? I know what is done in the score theoretically should transfer to the parts. That's not happening. Is there a way to correct the parts and not adversely affect the score? Or should I delete and start from scratch? Thanks for your help.



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Your problem is that you added/adjusted the slurs incorrectly - you added them to only two notes, then dragged them to make it look like they were covering more notes. That's not how to do it - dragging is only for fine-tuning the position of things, and it's normal/correct that these adjustment can are independent for score & parts since the layout differs so much. Either add the slur to all notes to begin with (eg, select them all, press S or double-click the palette icon), or if you've already added it to one set of notes, double-click and use Shift+/left/right to change the actual range. Same for other lines. See the Handbook for more info on how to edit lines, and how to do many other things for that matter :-)

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If dragging slurs seems to work sometimes, it's because if you end with your mouse on a note, the slur will adjust as if you had used the preferred method of shift+arrows. So dragging is fine as long as you finish with your mouse on a note. You will know you were successful because the red line will point to that note.

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I stand corrected. Thank you. It is not so much that I was doing it wrong. I was not using the preferred method as outlined in the manual. I was creating the slurs from the lines drop down in the palette. I guess it's my stupidity for not consulting the manual which begs this question. Why have that option available if it is not the preferred method to create slurs?

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Which option do you mean? Dragging the endpoint? That option is, as I said, for fine-tuning the shape of the slur, which is something you might indeed need to do. That is why that option is available as well as the option to actually change endpoints. Both are valid things to want to do, you just need to use the right tool for the job. It's not a question of preference - neither tool correctly does the job of the other, which is why both tools exist.

If you mean, why is it in an option to drag slurs from the palette - because it would be inconsistent to allow drag & drop for everything else but disallow it for lines. We allow it, but you just have to realize that not only is drag & drop less efficient in general, but it also creates this situation with respect to lines specifically where MuseScore cannot guess how many notes you want to apply it when you drop it onto a note. For other palette symbols, this issue doesn't come up because they apply to one specific note (or measure in some cases). Lines (including slurs) are unique in that they have both a start and end point and one way or another, you will need to specify them both.

So to be clear: it's not how you added the slur that is wrong. It's how you adjusted it. You used the tool that has the effect of doing a fine-tune of the position rather than the tool that actually changes the endpoints. But it's also true that you wouldn't have needed to adjust anything had you used one the preferred methods of adding the slur (double-clicking the icon rather than drag & drop, or using the shortcut).

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To answer the questions as to why you can drag the endpoint around, it's so you have the freedom to shape the slur the way you want to. I usually drag it up and down to make the shape better, but I have the same leeway to drag it left and right if that's what it takes to make it look better. I do drag it left and right at times to make it look better when it's continued on the next system. I just never drag it so it looks like it covers different notes than it does.

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