"D.C. al Fine" breaks loop paying unexpectedly?

• Jul 22, 2019 - 11:48
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AS titled with attched, loop playing is broken out? by design oneday?

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You have an unmatched end repeat, so it's really anyone's guess where it might repeat back to. A section break after the first section would perhaps make this more obvious to MuseScore. But for me, it already plays the way I personally would expect, as far as i can tell. Can you be more specific about the perceived problem?

Status needs info active

Xianyue賢越 is trying to "loop playback" from measure 33 to the end of the score. But after measure 64 is played for the second time, playback continues at measure 1 instead of looping back to measure 33.

You have an unmatched end repeat, so it's really anyone's guess where it might repeat back to.
This appears to be the case, but appearances can be deceiving. In fact, there is a start repeat in measure 33, but it is invisible, and "Show Invisible" is off.

Here are the steps to reproduce this issue from scratch:
Place a Fine anywhere in any score.
Place a D.C. al Fine at the end of the score.
Select the final measure of the score (that is, the measure including the D.C. al Fine) and toggle "Loop Playback" on.
Press "Play".

Expected result: Playback will loop over the final measure until you tell it to stop.
Actual result: The final measure will be played once, and then playback will continue from measure 1.

Now append a measure to the score, and press "Play" again. This time, playback loops over the one measure as expected. It seems that when the end-of-playback-loop marker is set to the end of the score, it is interpreted as "end of the piece" instead of "end of this measure".

I learned the hard way that "DC al fine/segno" means "don't use a repeat bar" if you want it to work.
That is not true at all, and you are missing the entire point of this issue.