Parts changes not saving and program crashing - alot

• Aug 18, 2019 - 14:56

you guys gotta do something about the parts not saving changes. i did the update that supposedly fixed this issue but it is still alive and well - and creating more work for me than necessary.

Look, the people i am with, we're all older guys and ladies. we don't see too well anymore. so what i do is i increase the size of the parts staff to 120 percent and it is a big help. usually a score will contain all the instruments in a piece so there are at minimum ten parts to each score i do.

each part i go through and clean it up which usually consists of four or so measures per line, re positioning elements such as text and rehearsal marks because, lets face it, the auto positioning is less than ideal.

so as i am re adjusting each part and making in all nicy-nice, i am constantly clicking on the little diskette icon to save my changes - or at least i think it's saving.

so i go across the top and adjust and save each score part, one by one, saving each change in a part multiple times.

when i adjust all parts, i go back and check my work and i find all the parts all have reverted back to their original format with everything crowded together.

years ago when i was in the high school orchestra, we were expected to follow parts that were copies of copies, of copies, of copies, on an on and on. we use to say "these parts are making my eyes bleed". something we can all relate to. well, i don't want to make anyone's eyes bleed. especially mine.

well, my eyes are now bleeding.

i'm the only guy that does the scores in our group. the extra work, the time wasted, the frustration is taking it's toll.

can you please fix this?


Can you attach a score where you've made all of these changes and then the changes reverted? It will help diagnose what's going on. What you are describing doesn't happen to others, so perhaps looking at your score will give us some idea of what happening.

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Chances are all of those scores have something in common then - a particular technique you use a lot that others don't. Because this problem doesn't seem to happen for other people. Try as hard as I might, I cannot reproduce this problem without your help. That's why we'd need to see a specific score and precise steps to reproduce it in order to investigate.

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Well, one thing is that an attached score will let us see your score's properties - e.g. creation date and MuseScore version, OS platform. Sometimes that comes in handy, but without seeing a score that exhibits the problem, no one here (all of whose scores work fine) will be able to help at all.

Also, if you could please take a screen shot of the 'cleaned up' part and then the way it looks when it reverts back "with everything crowded together".
This way, we could 'clean up' your attached score (the way your screenshot shows) and then see what happens to us upon saving the 'cleaned up' part.

You don't have to attach an entire score, just a page or two that shows the issue.


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You would be surprised at what we've found people doing that causes strange effects on scores. I asked for one that has been "fixed" so we can see what is not working properly and give you hints on how to make it work or fix any bugs you may have found. Currently, without a score no one has any idea what would need to be fixed if there are bugs.

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i got to run out at the moment but when i get back i'll send you one.

there is perhaps one instance that might cause not saving and seems to have lessened the occurrence. make sure nothing is selected when i save. for example if the cursor is in a text field or if a note or measure or some other element is selected.

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It is indeed known that if you are in the middle of editing an element when you hit save, those pending edits may not be saved. This was more of an issue in older versions - 3.2.3 should be better about it - but I can believe there might still be corner cases where it happens. But simply having something selected should never be a problem.

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it goes through the motions of saving; the top tab with the file name followed by an asterisk changes to just the file name. but when i tab to another part tab, make some changes and save, go back to the previous tab i adjusted, it's back to original. there are some days it is a constant occurrence and other days it's fine.

also, i did the musescore update and I also have my desktop set up for automatic windows updates.

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Marc's quotation: "Chances are all of those scores have something in common then - a particular technique you use a lot that others don't."
I think too.

Feed-back user:
April 2016: #107731: print indivual parts problem "when i create individual parts for a score using [File > Parts] first three parts have the notes and rests on top of one other."
"when i print a part, specifically a part for a b flat trumpet and tenor sax, the notes and rests are on top of each other"
July 2017: other question about layout:
And so, the current one:
"when i adjust all parts, i go back and check my work and i find all the parts all have reverted back to their original format with everything crowded together."

Considering all this, there is obviously something in your practice (you talk a lot about scaling to make reading easier for people, but 120% is quite common, maybe also manual modifications, X settings for some notes and rests, in the parts? ), and which generates what you describe.
In short, we would need you to describe, from a simple example - or the latest one - your usual way of doing things, in order and precisely, in order to help you (there are surely other ways of doing)

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i make it a point not to move notes and rests around. i usually move text elements and the rehearsal marks when necessary. Measures, i usually try to limit them to four measures in a row. sometimes less, sometimes more. for example measures with whole notes is easy to read when eight of them in a row. measures with a lot of sixteenth notes - well, you get the idea. to do this i use the "system break" option in breaks and spaces.

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Unfortunately, your description is far too vague to begin to glimpse some clues, and also and above all, as already mentioned, the absence of a score showing precisely what you are indicating is more than a handicap. Sharing a score, no matter what it is, eg your last one, is a prerequisite for effective help.

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Another odd behavior i have been experiencing is that after i score out a horn part i'll select the measure the riff starts on to play it back. i tap the space bar and the blue line that indicates what is being played jumps back to the left (towards the beginning but not quite all the way). the part i just scored plays but the blue line cursor is advancing in the wrong place. this happens often. so i stop it, scroll back to where the pointer should be and select the correct measure and sometimes it does what it is supposed to do and sometimes it repeats weird behavior.

anybody experience this or am i the only one this is happening to?

I honestly think i am going to reinstall musescore.

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I don't understand what's going on. everything was working fine until this morning when I tried to finish this score - which is a long way from finished.

I tried starting with a new score from scratch and that kept crashing on me too. I even tried the repair option and it didn't help.

do you have any idea as to how this particular score part became corrupt? maybe it was something I did?

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