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• Aug 25, 2019 - 13:03
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As with the shortcut to "go to next measure", it would be nice to also have "go to next/previous system" as a shortcut. Something like, instead of Ctrl+R/L, Shift+Ctrl+R/L to do so would seem naturally related to "go to next measure".


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Sorry, I get it now.

For example, you edit the notes of an instrument and want to move to the next system and stay on the same instrument.

If there is not a very large orchestral score, Alt + Up/Down Arrows will still work if there are 3/5 instruments (just a few more clicks required).

If they define a shortcut : This only works in Page-View. It will generate an error in Continuous-View (because there is only one system here).

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It need not generate an error. As a matter of fact, it would make functional sense to keep the same shortcut to be an alternative function for continuous view.

Something like: If in page view: "go to beginning of next system". If in continuous view, go to beginning of the measure after the next page break/section break, and if there aren't any, then get information of 'next system' by what is available in page view based on current score settings, and then go to the beginning of said measure. Or something like that. It would be useful and speed up score traversal.

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Another observation:
if the user has selection somewhere in the second or third measure of a system, the ["Previous"] function of this request would not go to the previous system first but to the beginning of that system containing those measures. And then, if pressed again, it would go to the first measure of the previous system, selecting the first duration element (note/rest). ["Next"], however, would take the user to the beginning of the next system and not the "end" of that system they're in.

Again, these two commands would be very useful in page view. In continuous view, again, follow the system breaks and if there aren't any, then either do nothing (probably a safe bet ;) or let these functions also double as "go to beginning of score and select first duration" / "go to score's last measure's first element". Something along those lines.