impossible to see/edit frames

• Sep 13, 2019 - 15:21


I need assistance about frames.
I work on a file of dozens of 1-staff rhythm exercices.

The last step of this should be : I add a horizontal frame before each exercice and insert a text to type the exercice numbers. I have done that dozens of times.

But for some reason, when I add a horizontal frame in this file, it seems to exist (the layout changes), but I can't see it, nor click it, nor edit it.

I have made sure I clicked on "make frames visible" in the view menu.

Attached, the first page of that file.

Could someone help me please? :-)

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Hi, I just saw your rhythmic reading and I try to reproduce this kind of exercise but I did not find how to do it. Could you please tell me which paragraph in the manual says that or give me some information to do that. Thank you in advance. Best regards

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Could you be more specific about which part of this you want help with - entering the notes, creating non-metered music, indenting certain systems, or what? For info on the notes, see the Handbook section on drum notation. For unmetered notation, easiest is to use the commands Tools / Measure to join and split measures as needed. For the indent, see the Handbook section on frames.

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In fact, I wasn’t specific enough. I was actually looking for a way to transform a system to study only rhythm. In fact after some groping and help on the forum, I found.
1) I copy the system whose rhythm I want to work,
2) I use a plugin (information obtained on the forum) to put all notes at the same height.
3) I change the starting instrument by choosing an instrument from the list of instruments "bodily percussion" example "slap"
and now I can only work the rhythm
PS: here is the example in attached file that I have thus transformed
Thanks to you

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yes you’re right, I just tested and it’s ok. So with your help, I discovered a new function of the software . Definitely this software is best .
It only lacks a direct "scan" function to scan a partition and convert it into musescore....

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