*OPTION* for Spacebar to "Play Always from Selected Note/Range" INSTEAD of "Play/Pause/Play-where-left-off"

• Oct 7, 2019 - 16:29

I've seen threads on this before but only poor answers and "solutions" were offered. As we all know, the Spacebar in MuseScore 3 functions as "Play/Pause/Play-where-left-off"

Some people compose in a way that requires lots of playing from a certain note or certain point repeatedly to get melodies and chords and rhythms figured out of on-the-fly. As mentioned in other threads, many Digital Audio Workstations have this sort of feature, and people like me who are only using MuseScore as an intermediary software during composition would highly value an in-built option (in the options menu), to change the Spacebar functionality to what is most easily referred to as a "Play/Stop" button.

To be clear, I'm requesting that MS3 allows us to go into the preferences, select a check mark, press "okay", and then from then on, the following happens:
- Spacebar pressed once will play from any note/selection as NORMAL for MS3
- Spacebar pressed again during playback will STOP (not PAUSE) playback
- Spacebar pressed a third time (WITHOUT any editing or changing of selected note/range) will play from the same note/selection as before. NOT from where it left off during previous playback.
- Spacebar pressed a third time after MOVING or EDITING selection/range will start playback from wherever that new selected note or region is.

The simple version:
Spacebar by default does: Play/Pause/Play-where-left-off
I'm requesting the option to have the Spacebar do: Play/Stop/Play-from-same-spot-unless-spot-is-changed

Please do not reply saying you are confused or don't think MuseScore 3 should work this way. I'm requesting an OPTION or DEFAULT SHORTCUT such as CTRL+Spacebar to allow people who DO work this way to WORK this way.

(I hope I don't seem rude, but I don't want to have to re-explain myself to confused people 5 times like others had to when requesting this feature.)


Perhaps someone will be motivated to implement your suggestion someday. But meanwhile, you can get pretty much that effect by turning on "loop" mode using the icon on the toolbar. Now every time you press Play, it starts from the loop start point, and if you've made a selection, the loop start point is automatically set to that. I realize it's not the exact method you describe, but it does achieve the same basic end results today.

Actually, though, although you personally might not be interested in feedback on your suggestion, I have some I will offer to anyone who does feel inclined to implement this. My feedback is, I would recommend against making this a preference that requires constant trips back and forth to a dialog box to change. That might be OK if you intend to always use the new mode, but some people might want to sometimes use one mode, sometimes use the other. So instead, I think it would be simpler to just have two different commands, like Space and Shift+Space.

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