Making more right click adjustments available inside the inspector

• Oct 16, 2019 - 18:00

Have it from time to time in mind (last with this discussion: Without having any skills to contribute code myself and aware of the limited resources of active developers, does it make sense to initiate a discussion about one concern of Tantacrul, mentioned here: and: - make available adujustments from "right click" into the inspector?

Also mentioned here by @Marc Sabatella:…

Above instrument change settings and options of the view menu I also could imagine to make available swing settings or the pause adjustments of an section break inside the inspector.

Maybe there are other feature requests before, they are more important to implement (beside fixing bugs)- but maybe this would be also worth in sense of accessibility. Maybe could be a good Google summer of Code project? Thoughts?


It's too easy for GSoC, maybe a GWoC :-) But yeah, no-brainer that it should happen:

  • Change instrument (just a button to bring up the dialog, I think)
  • Section break properties
  • Staff/system text properties
  • Time signature properties

What else is missing?

Interesting thing regarding accessibility, though: right-click menu is actually easier to access via keyboard than fields buried somewhere within the Inspector.

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If I had to implement it, for me it would be at least a GCoC ;-).

Concerning accessibility (accessing options via right click vs. inspector) your argument sounds plausible. Maybe it's someday possible to define a shortcut to access the properties of an element. Or if I'm not wrong, by open the inspector via F8, switching through the options via "tab" should start inside the inspector and not somewhere else.

Concerning other missing things inside the inspector, what about instrument properties or measure properties? I could (also) imagine, if necessary, to have a button inside the "select" section for it (as it is available i.e. for "notes", grace notes" and "rests" sometimes) or introducing tabs inside the inspector to avoid too much settings inside a dialogue (similar to the graphic application "Gimp") - so the inspector adjustment options don't be overloaded and separate with individual tabs.

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"What else is missing?"

I'm not sure about "missing", but I find it a continual frustration that adjustments made in the inspector, or any other incremental edits, result in incremental undo steps, whereas an edit involving a dialogue box and OK or APPLY button groups changes into completed functions. This makes it difficult to quickly go back to a state before a given edit. I know there are "reset" buttons for values in the inspector, but these might not be helpful in all cases, particularly if you are trying to undo previous edits on other elements.

I hope I am not hijacking the purpose of this thread; I'm just looking for ways to improve the efficiency of editing as per the inspector.

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I think there are several improvements that can made to the inspector and they should all be part of the same project. The two so far and the biggest things that need done.

On the subject of Properties dialogs, I wouldn't be opposed to a staff properties and a measure propertoies button being included in the inspector whenever a measure is selected.

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+1 for this! I'm currently writing up a proposal with ideas like this in mind. There's a lot of information to move around (based on ideas in this thread, and many others) so I want to do it all as one comprehensive design proposal. Will share for feedback when I think it's in a reasonable state.

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But as mentioned, IMHO it needs a good balance that the options for a specific selection are not overloaded inside the inspector. Beyond: just recently were a request of an user to change the instrument (at time only possible via rightclick->staff properties, but not available inside the inspector or menu).

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I think I would like to see a time signature properties option that affects only the selected time signature with an s that allows you to apply the changes to all similar time signatures - that is adjusting a 3/4 time signature would only affect all 3/4 times signatures but not 6/8 time signatures.

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I agree having time signature properties in Insepctor would be good too - serves a different purpose than the Create button anyhow. It was just responding to the request for the create feature in the palette - it is there and works for me. Not sure what you mean about it not being "active" - it's greyed out?

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