Deleting tuplets leaves any existing slur

• Oct 17, 2019 - 19:00
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S4 - Minor

I have an example attached of one sort of unexpected behaviour with triplets.
click on the line containing the 3, delete the triplet. Note that the included phrase line is not deleted. Delete the second triplet (click on the line with the 3 and delete). The phrase line is still there. This is quite consistent behaviour.

Expected that the phrasing would be deleted with the notes that it was attached to.

This is not my worst problem with triplets. Sometimes when I delete a triplet, the entire beat disappears. My only safe workaround is to redo the whole bar. I don't know if this is the result of creating the score with XML. I cannot find a reproducible example. While trying to isolate the problem, I have hung musescore repeatedly. In the attached file, press delete on the time signature. Hangs every time for me, but not related to my original problem. Then change the time signature to 4/4, I tried deleting the third triplet and then pressed ctrl-z. This hung the system again for me. If it doesn't try click on time signature, change to 4/4, type ctrl-z followed by shift-ctrl-z. This hung for me.

At least it's a small file and may uncover something for a tester. It is a random collection of bits that I am working on, some in Hebrew, some partially transcribed into English. I included the . file in case it has usful diagnostic info

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Title Testing triplets Deleting tuplets leaves any existing slur
Frequency Many Once
Reproducibility Randomly Always

Deleting and changing time signatures in measures with tuplets has always been problematic. Though I don't see any tuplets that would cross lines, they still cause problems for MuseScore. The time signature issue is a different one than the slur/phrase line issue so they should be separate issues. I have set this one to deal with the slur issue, which I don't remember being reported in relationship to tuplets before but I think the time signature one is a duplicate. Someone (maybe me) can confirm this or suggest that you create a new issue for the time signatures.

The issue at hand is always reproduceable and you are the first I remember reporting it so those fields have been updated along with the title.

Since you can put a slur on a rest, the presence of the rest that replaces the tuplet keeps the slur from being deleted. If you select each of the notes under a slur (using ctrl+click) the slur also remains. Selecting the tuplet bracket gives the same results though deleting the bracket leaves a single rest where deleting the notes leaves several rests.

One thing that will help with the time signature problem, simply insert the new time signature rather than deleting it first and your problem will go away.