Toolbar layout always reset on 3.3 Appimage.

• Oct 31, 2019 - 00:14

Hi, when using the lastest release candidate every time i open musescore i have to change the layout from the toolbars to the way i use them. The paletes inside the workspace are remembered but the layout isnt, i am sure i saved all layout preferences in the custom workspace.


When you created the custom workspace did you check the workspace box in the creation dialog? I've see discussion that this box is not a good idea and if this is the reason for your problem then it is evidence that the box should be eliminated or altered to a confirmation box only. By the way, if you change to the workspace go to the View menu, select Workspace then Edit, the box will appear so you can check the toolbars box.

The checkboxes are there because depending on your goal, sometimes you want things saved as part of the workspace and sometimes you don't.

It should be the case that if the Toolbars option is selected for the workspace, the toolbar customizations you make while in that workspace are remembered and are used each time you use that workspace - whether that means starting up MuseScore or just switching to the workspace. So use View / Workspaces / Edit Workspace to be sure that box is selected.

It's the "Menu" checkbox that perhaps shouldn't have been exposed in the dialog, as there is no direct way to customize menus anyhow (you can edit the workspace files), and this ends up locking you out of future additions to the menu.

Hi, i checked and all checkboxes are selected.


Maybe i am doing something wrong but i remember this didnt happen with the earlier version of the release candidate. In fact workspaces created using the old version remember the layout fine in the release candidate. As a workaround i will just create the workspaces in the earlier version for the first time and edit them on the new one.

Edit: i just checked and i have the same problem in the 3.3 release.

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After further testing I've discovered that changing to a custom workspace and editing the toolbars, changing to another predefined workspace (advanced or basic) then back to the custom space leaves the toolbar as they are in that workspace, all edits are lost.

Closing MuseScore with a custom toolbar reverts the toolbar to Advanced, at least in my situation since I based by custom workspace on advanced.

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Hi, im not an advanced linux user, i dont know how to fix those permissions and i dont know how to install an appimage, i just mark it as executable and open it. Some appimages ask if you want to install them the first time you open them but musescore doesnt do that. Also i am not sure if i want to install it, the repositories should be updated with 3.3 this or next week.
I will google how to do those things when i have time.

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