Inserting barlines in latest version of MuseScore

• Nov 1, 2019 - 03:52

In the last version of MuseScore, I had no difficulty in inserting barlines where I wanted, but with the version I downloaded and installed today, I'm having problems. Please refer to attached screenshot-
I want to insert a - don't know the correct name: a double repeat barline, that is end of one section that is to be repeated and beginning of a new section that is also to be repeated. In my photo, that should go after the two minims, but whichever method I try to use for insert, it insists on placing it /between/ the two minims, creating an impossible bar. If I try to attach it to the minim rest in the next bar, it places it at the end of that bar instead of the beginning. It's driving me mad!

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Select the measure, double click the barline on the palette. Or drag it into the measure, but not onto any of the notes.
I'm not aware of any changes in 3.3 vs. older versions in that respect.

Indeed, this hasn't changed any time recently. Selecting a note and adding the barline adds a mid-measure barline in front of that note. Selecting the barlIne or the measure is what you normally want.

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